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This is the largest glove in the GLOV family. The additional surface makes Comfort mercilessly deal with silicone bases, heavy fluids, shadows and lipsticks, and after all you still have space to massage the skin and a gentle scrub with a clean piece of glove. It works perfectly if you do not give up full make-up or waterproof cosmetics on a daily basis. The 4 horns system will allow you to remove the make-up from the corners of the eye, and the larger surface will ensure that the skin is clean.

The glove is ideal for people with allergies – it does not contain any chemistry, does not irritate and does not make you feel.

Step by step – how to use makeup remover glove?

How to use? Soak in hot or cold water (warmer will dissolve your make-up faster), put it on your face and hold for a few seconds, then start gently massaging your face. Do not rub – the fibers will attract makeup like a magnet. After removing make-up, wash the glove using a dedicated Magnet Cleanser or gray bar soap and leave to dry. Remember to let the product dry itself – do not put it on the radiator, just hang it on the hook. When the glove is worn out, you can use it creatively at home, for example for window cleaning.