GLOV Eye Makeup Brush Set Purple


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We have something special for you. The GLOV Eye Brushes will help you create the perfect make-up for any occasion. This is a set of eye makeup brushes, perfect for both professional make up artists and girls taking their first steps in the world of makeup. With the help of these five cosmetic accessories, you can easily create heavily pigmented, sparkling with glitter particles smokey eyes, graphic lines or recently super-fashionable floral patterns that reign on Instagram.

What does the eye makeup brush set include?

Blending brush
A soft brush made of high-quality synthetic bristles with a rounded head is perfect for blending shadows on the eyelid. It allows you to precisely spread the product and create soft transitions. A must-have in creating smokey eyes.

Crease brush
A shadow brush, perfect for ‘cut crease’ makeup and for applying cosmetics on the lower eyelid or in the inner corners of the eyes. It will be useful both for everyday make-up and make-up for a big exit.

Mini flat eye brush
A small, flat brush that you can use to apply a base shadow in a neutral color to the entire eyelid. It is also good for applying shiny shadows to its central, convex part.

Eyeshadow brush
A brush that allows you to apply the optimal amount of the product to the eyelids. An absolute must-have in your makeup bag.

Eyeliner brush
Ultra-thin, elongated, tight, but at the same time flexible bristles of this brush will make it easy to conjure a perfect, perfectly even “swallow” or cat’s eye in the style of the 60s on the eyelid. An absolute must-have for retro makeup fans, Amy Winehouse and Dity von Teese.

The brushes do not irritate, so they are suitable even for delicate, sensitive skin. The set of brushes is packed in a light, handy tube that makes them easy to store and transport. So you can always have them with you, put them in a suitcase or even carry them in your purse and have them on hand to make an express make-up correction.