GLOV Magnet Brush and Fiber Cleanser - Jasmine


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It’s not a myth. Regularly cleaned cosmetic accessories prevent acne and the multiplication of bacteria on the skin. So how to take care of them? The Magnet Bar soap comes in handy!

Multitasking is ok! Our bar of soap is perfect for fiber care in On-The-Go and Comfort make-up removal gloves, as well as Hollywood Brushes. Two birds with one soap 🙂
The soap is very easy to use – just rub it on the surface of the selected accessory to obtain a foam, and then rinse it.
We love the planet as much as we love sustainable care. That is why we packed the soap in paper so as not to generate additional plastic rubbish.
You can choose from 3 colors and 3 fragrances: pink (jasmine), yellow (mango), and beige (coffee with milk). We recommend you try them all! 🙂
#Lesswaste products are a real ecological revolution. Join the Magnet Cleanser soap to the “cube” team in your bathroom!