Maria Nila Sheer Silver Gift Box


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We have teamed up with Swedish artist Siri Carlén to create colourful and unique gift boxes inspired by the scents of Maria Nila’s Care & Style ranges. These limited-edition gift boxes contain one full size shampoo and one full size conditioner from our haircare series, as well as the True Soft Argan Oil 30ml as an additional gift. The gift boxes are also designed to be reusable so that you, or the person you gift it to, can keep daily essentials in it – making it a gift that keeps on giving.

Give the gift of a cooler shades of blonde hair and no more struggle with brassy, yellow tones, thanks to Violet Pigments. The shampoo and conditioner in the Sheer Silver Gift Box help neutralize golden shades and Blackberry Extract enhances the hair’s natural highlights. The Sheer Silver range also gives a repairing and long-lasting conditioning effect thanks to Vegetable Protein. The True Soft Argan Oil is quickly absorbed into the hair and adds moisture and reduces frizz without weighing the hair down.

The Sheer Silver range has a fruity and floral scent of jasmine, violet, orange and grapefruit. True Soft Argan Oil has a soft scent of vanilla, rose and jasmine.

Included in the gift box:
- Sheer Silver Shampoo 350 ml
- Sheer Silver Conditioner 300 ml
- True Soft Argan Oil 30 ml