Osis Boho Rebel Pigmented Dry Shampoo Brunette

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The hair colouring marketplace is flooded with colouring, pigmenting and tinting options but caring for coloured hair often falls short of addressing challenges like hair getting weaker. OSIS Rebel Dry Shampoo is formulated to given hair an instant wash and styling boost. This rice starch dry shampoo has the highest chances of ensuring that the hair colour is not washed away and still, you get cleaner, healthier hair. The ready-to-use leave-in shampoo ensures effective cleansing without depending on potentially harmful ingredients. You get bouncier tresses with regular application. The pigmented shampoo seamlessly blends into hair and leaves no visible residue. The non-greasy dry shampoo is perfect for those longing for a quick, no-wash hair styling solution, especially those who are in a hurry!