Rye Exfoliating Eucalyptus Scrub - 60ml


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Brighton Beard Rye Exfoliating Eucalyptus Scrub Green tea extract, almond and pumice work together to buff away dead cells; revealing smoother skin. Removes trapped dirt & dry skin whilst boosting regeneration. Scrub up with this naturally enriched formula. With microscopic pumice grains and ground almond; which work to effectively refresh the complexion and remove dirt and dead cells, which can contribute to tired and dull looking skin.

With Aloe Vera, coconut oil, cocoa and shea butter for a gentle yet effective exfoliation. Suitable for all skin types. Brighton Beard Rye Exfoliating Eucalyptus Scrub is best used as the first stage in our 3 step skincare range; before the Purifying Eucalyptus Face Mask and Mattifying Eucalyptus Moisturiser. Cruelty and paraben free, and suitable for vegans.