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Rye Mattifying Eucalyptus Moisturiser - 60ml

Rye Mattifying Eucalyptus Moisturiser - 60ml

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The Brighton Beard Company’s Rye Mattifying Eucalyptus Moisturiser Matte, shine-free moisture; created with vitamin E, coconut and grapeseed. Expect hydrated and nourished skin with an improved texture and strength. This lightweight yet luxurious moisturiser instantly leaves skin feeling hydrated and plump; creating a healthy-looking-matte appearance, rather than dry-matte, if you catch our drift.

Leaves skin calm, soft and comfortable. Regular use on oily skin can help to stop the skin from naturally over producing oil. Suitable for all skin types. Brighton Beard Rye Mattifying Eucalyptus Moisturiser is best used as the final stage in our 3 step skincare range; after the Exfoliating Eucalyptus Face Scrub, and Purifying Eucalyptus Face Mask.

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