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Blond Me

BlondMe Wond Wonders Restoring Balm 75ml

BlondMe Wond Wonders Restoring Balm 75ml

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 This was specially developed for blonde hair types. This leave-in product will improve the overall appearance of the hair while strengthening and protecting it.

First, this balm provides an anti-fizz effect for up to 24 hours. It also seals the hair surface to dimmish the appearance of split ends. Moreover, its strengthening formula works deep in the hair fiber to make the hair more resilient and prevent breakage. Additionally, this balm will wrap the hair in a protective coat. This coat will not only protect the hair from damage caused by harmful UV rays but also provide heat protection. Therefore, this balm is a good product to ensure styling with heated tools will not cause unnecessary damage to the hair. This is beneficial for all blonde hair types, but particularly important for those with lightened and colored hair. Lastly, this balm will leave the hair soft and shiny.

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