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Color Wow

Color Wow Coconut Cocktail Bionic Tonic (200ML)

Color Wow Coconut Cocktail Bionic Tonic (200ML)

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A leave-in cocktail for colour-treated and dry hair types, in particular, with moisturising effects.

The problem: Dehydrated hair due to the loss of the natural lipid layer

Healthy and youthful hair is surrounded by a lipid membrane made up of a unique molecule called 10-MEA. The lipid membrane injects moisture into the cuticle to smooth and firm it which, in turn, lends the hair suppleness and brilliant shine. When colourants damage the layer, the hair loses moisture and becomes dry and straw-like.

The solution:

The Coconut Cocktail binds the surface of the hair with a unique complex made up of 18-MEA and coconut oil to imitate the lost lipid layer. Shine and silkiness are restored instantly. Bounce and elasticity are restored while added moisture protection is provided.


  • Apply a small amount of product to the problem areas of towel-dried hair.
  • Activate with heat, e.g. a blow-dryer.
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