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Color Wow

Color Wow Dream Filter Pre Shampoo Mineral Remover (200ml)

Color Wow Dream Filter Pre Shampoo Mineral Remover (200ml)

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Color Wow Dream Filter Pre Shampoo Mineral Remover is a breakthrough pre-shampoo treatment that filters out minerals that are typically found in hard water, that could potentially destroy the intensity and vibrancy of your hair colour. Ideal for those who are looking to prolong their colour between salon visits, this lightweight treatment is suitable for all hair types and colours to help remove unwanted minerals from the hair shaft for picture-perfect colour.

Restore the beauty of your hair colour with Color Wow Dream Filter Pre Shampoo Mineral Remover, an innovative pre-shampoo treatment that removes traces of copper, iron, magnesium, calcium, chlorine, and other minerals and metals that are typically found in tap water. These metals can build-up in your hair over time, distorting your colour and making it appear brassy and dull. Suited to all hair types, this treatment detoxifies the hair and brightens highlights to deepen colour dimension, making blonde, grey, and white shades appear fresher and lighter, and brunette hair brighter. The result? Picture-perfect colour that is luminous, radiant, and healthy.

Benefits Of Color Wow Dream Filter Pre Shampoo Mineral Remover:

Easy 3-minute hair detox
Removes minerals that can darken and distort hair colour
Improves hair texture
How To Use:

Apply to dry hair before shampooing.
Spray evenly to saturate hair thoroughly.
Wait one to three minutes before shampooing.
For best results, follow with COLOR WOW Shampoo and Conditioner (both sold separately).
Wait at least five to seven shampoos before using Dream Filter after bleaching or colouring.
For optimal results when you colour your hair, prep with Dream Filter to remove minerals that may interfere with colour processing or bleaching.
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