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Maria Nila

Maria Nila S&F Shimmer Spray (300ml)

Maria Nila S&F Shimmer Spray (300ml)

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The Maria Nila Shimmer Spray is a lightweight shimmer spray that adds shine and reduces frizz. The shimmer particles are derived from a combination of natural and synthetic minerals, and the shimmer enhances color and gives hair a bright finish for a healthy look. A light spray without hold, perfect for layering and suitable for all hair types. High shine and shimmer thanks to natural and synthetic minerals Anti-frizz and moisturizing properties thanks to the antioxidant vitamin E. A light spray without hold, does not weigh down the hair and can be combined with other styling products. Enhances the colour of the hair thanks to the light-reflecting shimmer. Sunflower seed extract nourishes the hair and seals split ends. Fruity-floral fragrance structure like a fine perfume, with notes of rhubarb, pink cyclamen and sandalwood. The 'Colour Guard Complex' protects the hair.

100% vegan and animal friendly

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