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Medik 8

Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides™

Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides™

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Medik8’s targeted solution to hyperpigmentation. Ultra-high concentration oxyresveratrol in our patented stabilisation system; available only at Medik8.


The hydrating formula is suitable for all skin types and tones, including sensitive skins.


  1. Incredible Brightening Results
    1. The silky formula works to address uneven skin tone, delivering results in as little as 7 days*.
  2. Medik8 Patented Oxy-R Technology
    1. Medik8 have crafted a unique, 360° approach to keeping this incredibly high level of notoriously unstable Oxy-R potent from the first till the last use.
  3. Triple-Threat to Hyperpigmentation
    1. Featuring two brightening twin peptides, which boost the action of Oxy-R.
  4. Compliments any CSA Routine
    1. Oxy-R Peptides can be used morning and night, to enhance the overall brightening benefits of vitamin C, sunscreen and vitamin A products.
  5. Hydration Booster

The hydrating serum absorbs instantly and is non-greasy, with a silky finish on the skin.


Oxy-R Peptides harnesses the powers of gold-standard brightening agent oxyresveratrol, at a previously untouched concentration of 1%. A gentle yet powerful antioxidant, Oxy-R is used in skincare to target areas of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and post-inflammatory pigmentation. Found to be 33x times more effective than kojic acid[1], it works by helping to block the enzyme tyrosinase from functioning - the key enzyme responsible for forming pigment in the skin.

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