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Osis Keep it Light Heat Protection Hair Spray 300ML

Osis Keep it Light Heat Protection Hair Spray 300ML

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As the movement towards effortless and free-flowing styling shows no signs of slowing down, natural finishes have become the new normal and the need for lightweight styling options has never been higher.

The introduction of OSiS+ Keep It Light Hairspray couldn’t come sooner. Joining a line-up of premium styling products, OSiS+ Keep It Light fulfils the need for low-residue hold, so that stylists and salon clients alike can satisfy their desire for effortless, touchable styling.

This is OSiS+ lightest and driest hairspray, combining very light & workable hold with up to 230°C/450°F heat protection.

From curl tong magic to natural-looking styles, OSiS+ Keep It Light hairspray has got you covered – while staying undercover.

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